The Fastest Way To Increase Your Salary and Compensation Is Through Successful Behavioral Interviews 

Behavioral interviews are the primary factor in how a potential employer assesses your cultural fit, leadership potential, experience, and therefore your starting level and total compensation

This means that strong performance in a single interview can easily lead to an instant increase in pay of 30% or more that would otherwise take years of chasing promotions on the job. 

This comprehensive guide offers you a wealth of common behavioral questions, sample answers, and clear explanations to help you unlock your interview success and secure a higher compensation package. 

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What's Inside

Top 57 Real Tech Behavioral Interview Questions 

Save at least 10 hours of research time and instead start practicing right away with this comprehensive collection of questions asked by Meta, Google, Amazon, Netflix, Apple and more tech companies.

The Most Frequently Tested Topics

Problem solving, leadership, time management, teamwork, communication, decision making, initiative achievement, adaptability, learning and growth.

Expert Guidance on Crafting Your Answers to Every Question

Master every question type with an easy step-by-step strategy.

Concrete Example Answers Following the STARR Method 

Easily tailor sample answers to your project experience for maximum impact.

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Why You Need This Book: The Secret Fast Track to Rapid Compensation Growth

Google compensation by level

Don't underestimate the importance of mastering behavioral interviews—it's a pivotal step. While technical skills may secure an offer, neglecting behavioral assessments can hinder your earning potential. 

Major tech giants like Meta, Google, Apple, Amazon, Nvidia, Netflix, Linkedin and other tech companies adhere to strict pay structures tied to behavioral evaluations. 

Post-hiring, securing salary increases demands sustained top performance. 

However, excelling in a single well-prepared behavioral interview can swiftly advance your career, offering an instant promotion and pay rise. 

Recognize behavioral interviews as invaluable opportunities for rapid career growth!

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Dewitt Walsh



This book helps me get the dream offer! Great book! Highly recommend! 



Every Job Seeker should read this!

Such a great book with very practical insights and super helpful. A friend used it and he got the job. Very well put together, advice is applicable, ensures that you stand out and knows exactly what toughest recruiters ask! This is also for hiring managers to refine questions and get the right candidate.

Obie Dietrich


Crucial Insights for Job Success

This book is a game-changer! The insights provided for behavioral interviews are crucial. It's a must-read for software engineers aiming to land their dream job.